"I know a lot of girls have crushes on Daryl, so I guess I got pretty lucky with it. I’m a huge Norman Reedus fan too, so I did feel very lucky I got to do that episode with him. He’s a great actor and a great scene partner and we were a great team." -Emily Kinney

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After 4 hours I finally finished it! :)

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Neymar. Because … Futbol? 

Neymar. Because … Futbol? 





» I started dancing when I was 17 and I retired when I was 26.
Dancing opened doors for me to something graphic and dramatic. So I probably wouldn’t be acting without the dancing.

Mads Mikkelsen at his former drama school

/sobs/ be still my heart

oohoho godbahdbbdbHJDADA “not bad for an old man” ahahahah shut up

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no dog should ever be homeless

no home should ever be dogless

a poem by will graham

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Nature versus nurture.

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This is the only thing that helps with the sadness. 

This is the only thing that helps with the sadness. 

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